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23 May 2012

Audi's Aditya Patel grabs maiden win at Nurburgring

Helps his team Pro Handicap e.V finish first in their class

Amaan Ahmed
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Audi India only recently signed up young Indian talent Aditya Patel for the VLN endurance racing series in Germany, and the youngster has reinforced Audi's faith in his skills by registering his first ever win at the Green Hell.

The 24 Hours ADAC Nurburgring Race's 40th edition saw Patel race away to victory in his Audi TTS, also driving his team Pro Handicap e.V to the top of their class, SP 4T.

And the good news for Audi got even better when they registered their first ever win in the overall category as the all-German Audi Sport Team Phoenix laid claim to 1st and 2nd place in their Audi R8 LMS Ultra race cars.

Patel, along with Pro Handicap e.V's drivers Wolfgang Muller and Oliver Rudolph together compiled a total of 126 gruelling laps of the 25km long track at the Green Hell. Racing for the first time at the 24 Hours, Patel drove three sessions amounting to 7.5 hours (that's correct, seven-and-a-half-hours) and is now the only Indian to have won the 24 Hours of Nurburgring, that too on debut, making his victory only sweeter.

Speaking after Patel's win, Michael Perschke, Head, Audi India said, "This is a proud victory not only for Audi but also for India. We were confident that Aditya’s talent combined with the technical capabilities of the Audi TTS put the team up as a strong contender in the challenge. With this victory we further consolidate our strong association with motorsport and will continue to nurture Aditya’s promising career."

Visibly delighted after his historic victory, Patel said, "I am ecstatic. This is a great victory for team Pro-Handicap e.V and also for Audi."

Think Patel's significant win will change the motorsport scene in India? The comments section awaits you, TopGear fans.


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