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19 October 2012

Audi's sportscar experience now in Chennai

Karun Chandhok and Aditya Patel to guide enthusiasts at the Madras racetrack this weekend

Amaan Ahmed
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Audi, earlier this year, came up with a programme that would let car enthusiasts take to the wheel of an R8 V10 at the Buddh International Circuit in Delhi. Named the Audi sportscar experience (ASE), the event was welcomed by many people, and we were there too. So promising was the response to the first two sessions, that it prompted Audi to take the sportscar experience to other parts of the country.

Now, they have announced the arrival of the ASE down south - in Chennai. Scheduled to be held at the Madras Motorsport Racetrack from the 18th to the 21st of October, the event will see a fleet of R8 V10s being hooned around the circuit by enthusiasts, who will be accompanied not just by Audi's own qualified instructors, but also by the seasoned Karun Chandhok as well as the young Aditya Patel, who won the 24 Hours of Nurburgring on debut this year.

The sportscar experience is divided into two modules - the Audi racetrack experience (where the focus is on sharpening the driver's basic on-track skills such as steering, braking and so on), and the Audi racetrack experience advanced (where the driver gets to learn the finer stuff; understeer-oversteer, racing lines around the track, the works). The advanced course is only made available to those who Audi's instructors think have successfully completed the basic racetrack experience. The ones who successfully complete the advanced course too may also get the chance to enroll for a racing experience internationally.

Speaking at the announcement, Michael Perschke, Head, Audi India, said "The Audi sportscar experience has been appreciated by our customers and brand enthusiasts in Delhi and NCR. We are now extending this unique format and exciting opportunity for all sportscar enthusiasts of Chennai and South India who have always wanted to experience thrill on a racing circuit".

Available in three packages (Rs 73,000 for the actual program, Rs 80,000 for the program + shuttle facility and Rs 85,000 for the program, along with shuttle facility and hotel accommodation), the Audi sportscar experience is underway from today. Will you be there, TopGear.commers?

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