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03 November 2011

Aventador arrives in India

Priced at Rs 3.69 crore ex-Delhi

Ashish Masih
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Barely two days after the launch of the Ferrari FF, arch-rival Lambhorghini have announced the launch of their own bicep-flexer, the Aventador. The car will be priced similarly to the Ferrari FF and will be available for Rs 3.69 crore, ex-showroom, Delhi.

The car was launched in Delhi at Exclusive Motors showroom in Samrat Hotel. “We have already received 20 bookings for the Aventador," said James Page, Marketing Manager, South-East Asia and Pacific, Automobili Lamborghini SpA. “Our target is to double up this number next year,” he added. But if you are among the lucky few who can afford one, you will still have to wait.

Page also added that the company would soon look at hiring the Buddh International Circuit and organize an event for current/prospective customers so that they could get the ideal feel of the car.

The Aventador comes with a 700bhp V12 motor which the company claims propels it to 100kph in 2.9 seconds making it faster than almost every other rival and in a league of its own.


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