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23 February 2011

Beast unleashed... well almost

Tired of being teased with nuts and bolts, here is Aventador in the flesh

Abhinav Mishra
Car image

After doing a slow striptease for the last two months the Lamborghini Aventador has finally leaked out on the world wide web, thanks to Evo Magazine, Croatia. The Murcielago’s replacement will be a very different from the beast it replaces.


For starters it will have an all new V12 engine with a power rating of 690bhp and 690nm of torque. This will push the car from 0-100km in 2.9 sec and will reach an electronically limited speed of 350kph.

Lamborghini has made it clear that it is not only outright power the supercar maker is looking at, this will also be the besth andling Lambo ever. Thanks to push road suspensions (used for the first time on a Lamborghini) and extensive use of carbon-fibre.

Now waiting for the actual reveal in the Geneva motor show. Till then please feel free to look at our Aventador renders done by our in-house mad scientist, Mikhail Rodricks in the Jan 2011 issue of TopGear India.


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