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01 January 2013

Beautiful Car of the Year: Mercedes CLS

Not many four-door cars can manage a wolf whistle. We don’t need a better reason

Sriram Narayanan
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The breadth of talents that the CLS packs in is so wide, it may consider being awarded Beautiful Car of the Year as an underachievement. But its beauty is a fact. The CLS’s is a beauty that doesn’t shout out. The CLS’s is a beauty that doesn’t spring at you from a crowded car park. The CLS’s is a beauty that doesn’t drop your jaw or strain your neck.

The CLS’s is a beauty that remains etched in your memory for a long time. Which is a tough act considering the earlier CLS was quite a looker. While the old one looked like one glorious flourish of the brush, this new one has an air of aggression and purpose. Those timeless lines make it one of the most practical yet beautiful cars on our roads today.

Like the Gothic architecture of south Mumbai. The British-made stone buildings have been standing the test of time, fleeting fashions and our own callousness, to always make a grand picture of the scenery they stand in.

Like the CLS. It’s fun to drive too. Ride and handling is way better than in the Merc E-Class, the E-coupe, even the SL350 convertible. And its high-speed manners are impeccable, better compared to its direct rival, the Audi A7. This has all the qualities of a proper driver’s car. The only front the CLS loses on is the engine. It carries Merc’s staple petrol – the 3.5-litre V6. In the CLS, this engine is tuned to make 306bhp. Which isn’t bad. But our experience with Mercedes has been, if it ain’t an AMG, we’d very much like a diesel. And if the CLS had the option of a diesel, it would have made this the sportiest, most practical of daily drivers on our roads.

But even this beauty – with its sinful lines, and design highlights like those frameless windows – has its flaws. Like that bonnet shut line right above the grille. But really, that’s like Cindy Crawford asking you out on a date. You wouldn’t refuse just because she has a mole, would you?

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