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10 September 2013

Behold: the Audi Nanuk concept

Diesel performance car springs surprise at Frankfurt Motor Show – isn’t it pretty?
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Well, here’s something we weren’t expecting. Amid the usual series of well-briefed and pre-warned reveals at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, it was Audi who came up with something out of the blue at a typically bombastic VAG group party the evening before the show opened: a 544bhp sports car, wonderfully put together, and powered by a diesel engine.

Seasoned motor show watchers may recognise something in the styling, and rightly so. It was produced in collaboration with Italdesign Giugiaro, and shares a distinct likeness to the Giugiaro Parcour which we salivated over at the Geneva Motor Show back in March. Audi says the design language is destined for its next generation of SUVs.

Still, it’s good to see a surprise, especially such a good-looking one.  And where the Parcour featured transplanted Lambo Gallardo running gear, this sports a mid-mounted, 5-litre V10 TDI, with 1000Nm of torque and a 306kph top speed. Audi claims that if this car existed, it would get 15.3kpl.

One neat piece of tech is the four-wheel-drive steering, which allows the rear wheels to turn nine degrees in the opposite direction to the fronts at low speeds. Another is three stages of air suspension, which can either react to driving conditions or be manually adjusted to turn the Nanuk into an unlikely off-roader.

There’s been little indication in Frankfurt tonight that this car will ever get made, but if you going to dream, why not make it a good one?

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