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14 November 2011

Behold: the Suzuki Regina concept

The Tokyo Motor Show cars are coming in thick and fast. Is this one a bit familiar?
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Calling a concept car Regina is, we assume, meant to summon up positive images. Solid, durable, inoffensively feminine.

The other end of the automotive spectrum to early Range Rover Sport in black, say. Or to put it another way, the other end of the social spectrum to an early Vitara. In pink.

We’re tempted to concur with Suzuki on this. Queenly virtue is a good thing. As long as you think all Queens are cool and funky and pretty, like Helena Bonham-Carter in the Kings S-s-s-speech.

We’re also right behind Suzuki when it comes to raiding the old family album for design ideas. When you do, you get cool looking cars like the Mini or the Fiat 500 or the Audi TT. When you don’t (or can’t) you get something Korean. Or the new Peugeot 208. Pretty, but it won’t get people talking.

However, a word of warning to the Suzuki design team: always make sure it’s your own family album you raid. We hear stories that, come the Tokyo Motor Show, any number of old French cars are threatening the little Regina with DNA tests, Justin Beiber style.

There are unconfirmed reports that advocats in Paris acting for the Renault 8 are preparing to serve papers on the Regina on account of its nose.


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