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13 January 2018

Bentley's new V8 Bentayga is probably the one you want

Bentley introduces its twin-turbo V8 to its posh SUV, gives it huge brakes

Stephen Dobie
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The Bentayga uses Bentley’s latest generation twin-turbo V8. It’s four litres in size and produces 542bhp and 770Nm, enough to hustle the slightly ginormous Bentayga to 100kph in 4.5secs, neatly dissecting the quicker W12 and slower diesel.

For a 2.4-tonne vehicle, it’s certainly swift enough. To ensure the heft can all be slowed back down again, you can spec optional carbon ceramic brakes. Bentley proudly boasts it’s the “world’s largest front brake system”.

A claimed 8.7km/litre sit much closer to the W12, but offer around five per cent improvements over the larger petrol engine, while a range figure of 747km is promised.

Otherwise, it’s as you were with the rest of the Bentayga range; loads of posh trim, plush air suspension and some genuinely capable off-road modes. Whatever you think of the way it looks (or what it stands for), it’s an outrageously talented car.

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