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19 June 2017

BMW 6 Series GT coming to India early-2018

Looking for something bigger than a 5 but smaller than a 7? BMW will soon have something for you

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The new BMW 6 Series GT was unveiled just last week and there's already word that it'll be coming to our shores. In an interview with ET Auto, BMW India President Vikram Pawah stated that "Next year, we will be introducing another model in between 5 and 7 Series, called the 6 GT and that would again define a new segment and create new market for us,".

But is it a new market? Or a market that BMW India doesn't have a contender in yet? Thing is, the GT will be aiming to take on the new long-wheelbase Mercedes E-Class. In terms of size, it's got the E-Class beat, measuring in at 5,091mm long compared to the Merc's 5,063mm. It's wider and taller, too.

Internationally, the 6 GT comes with three engine options - two petrol and one diesel, with the choice of rear-wheel drive or 4WD. Expect BMW to bring it with an option of the 3.0-litre 261bhp 630d and the 2.0-litre 255bhp 630i variants at first. The 3.0-litre 335bhp 640i might be introduced later.

It's a bit early to be thinking prices, but since it's going to be locally produced, a competitive price can be expected when it's launched next year at the Auto Expo.

Full details: BMW 6 Series GT

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