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27 February 2012

BMW announces a rapid new M135i

Second-gen 1-series concept gets the new “M Performance Car” treatment…

Matthew Jones
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As the sort of right-thinking, snappy-dressing individual that frequents, you'll probably be quite excited about the new three-door 1-Series. Even more so about this M135i concept.

It's one of the first 'BMW M Performance' cars - a new brand that sits between M-Sport models and full-fat M-cars that includes the awesome M550d. And it's fruity.

How fruity? This fruity: it gets a Twin Power Turbo tech-equipped 3.0-litre straight six engine that produces what the Bavarians promise will be "more than 300hp". Rejoice!

There's more good stuff underneath, including tweaked suspension and an M sports braking system as well as a set of 18-inch M alloys.

Thing is, when they build it there'll still be space above it for a new full-fat 1-Series M. And if you look at the power of the last-gen 135i (just over 306bhp) and the 1-Series M (335bhp), you'd assume the next 1M would have to be near 400bhp to give itself some clear ground. Which is ridiculous.

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