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03 March 2014

BMW buys new home for classics

And it’ll be built in the grounds of the company’s original factory

Matthew Jones
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BMW is moving its collection of extremely lovely classics back into the company's childhood home, the Moosacher Strasse factory in Munich.

The site, which is just down the road from the current company headquarters, was where BMW spent its first two years in business (1918-1920) building aircraft engines. And while it's taken the best part of a century to get it back, Beemer today announced that the site's been reacquired for use as the BMW Group Classic HQ.

Plans for the new spot include a restoration workshop, classic parts shop, the company's archives, and much exhibition space for the three brands BMW owns - BMW, Mini, and Rolls-Royce.

That said, we don't think Charles Rolls, Henry Royce, and Sir Alec Issigonis would agree that it's their cars' childhood home...

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