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20 May 2013

BMW refreshes the 5 series

A slight nip here, a little tuck there will make sure you see the refreshed 5er everywhere

Amaan Ahmed
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BMW, like the rest of us, can very well see the slew of products being readied for an India launch by its German rivals. With the 1 series being the only all-new Bimmer to come later this year, BMW has now given the 5 series a makeover to help keep up with the A6 (6,000 units sold - we've driven the version created to celebrate the occasion) and the soon-to-be-launched E-Class refresh.

Think it looks no different? Well, look closely. There are new 'contour lines' around the kidney grille, standard Xenon headlamps (adaptive LED headlights optional), ORVM-integrated turn indicators, re-designed front air intakes (with quite a bit of chrome thrown in), a new, bulging crease on the rear apron to emphasise the car's width, tweaked tail-lights and some new wheels.

Inside, the iDrive controller is now sensitive to the touch, there is a little more space for your knicks and knacks, the interior can now be lit up in orange or white light, and you can now have LCD screens at the back.  What's more, you can now open the boot by just waving your foot under the rear bumper. Why? Because opening it with your hands is too much work, that's why.

Internationally, BMW will roll out a new variant in the form of the 518d - 141bhp, 360Nm, 0-100kph in under 10 seconds, and to sweeten the deal, it will stretch every litre of diesel unlike any other 5er, thanks to the new drivetrain-disengaging coasting mode. Offering this engine in India wouldn't cause any harm, would it?

Expect BMW to carryover the engine and gearbox options from the current 5 series, with the Modern and Luxury Line trims making an appearance on the model range for the first time.

So, the facelifted 5er - enough of a change, or would you rather wait for that freshened-up E-Class?

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