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23 August 2013

BMW reveals hybrid X5 Concept

Four-cylinder engine meets electric motor in eco-friendly SUV with sub-90g/km CO2. Wait, what?

Vijay Pattni
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Here's one to confuse the peace-bracelet brigade: BMW has revealed an X5 that emits less harmful emissions and boasts more fuel economy than a 1.6-litre diesel Ford Focus.

Yes, it's concept time, and for the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW is showcasing - alongside the lovely new i3 electric hatch - this Concept X5 eDrive. As the name suggests, it's an electrified X5, featuring a turbocharged four-cylinder engine matched to a 95bhp electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery.

As a nod to BMW's new ‘i' range, there are some blue accents on the grille and front spoiler, while that battery can be charged from a standard plug socket, the X5 managing up to 30 kilometres and the heady heights of 120kph on electric juice alone. When powered by motor and engine, it'll crack 0-100kph in less than seven seconds (quicker than aforementioned Focus diesel) while also returning 26.3kpl and less than 90g/km of CO2. In an SUV.

The battery lives in the boot, mounted low to limit impact on luggage space. When you activate route guidance, public charging stations are added to the points of interest shown on the map.

You can also view battery charge and electric range on your smartphone too, using BMW's ConnectedDrive app, which also lets you remotely pre-programme the car while charging - for example, setting the heating and climate control settings. Obviously the sensible use of this technology is to set the seat heaters to full blast before asking unsuspecting relatives to climb aboard on a hot day...

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