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28 January 2011

BMW teaches drivers how to avoid bombs

Evasive driving techniques taught at former Soviet military base. Fire happens

Vijay Pattni
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Mostly, your commute to your place of work doesn't involve being shot at, explosions or being run off the road. Unless you live in Birmingham, that is.

But for ‘security' drivers who wish to learn the dark arts of J-turns and evasive manoeuvres whilst piloting a Bavarian wagon, BMW has set up camp in a former Soviet military base in East Germany to edumacate drivers of the firm's High Security Vehicles.

As you can see, these drivers face a multitude of dangers, ranging from fire, bullets and attempted ram-raiding. Of course, nothing truly compares to the danger of the A406 on a Monday morning, but we digress.

Check out the video below to see some fire occur, and a rather cool drift in a BMW X5...


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