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20 August 2012

BMW teases new Zagato concept

Second collaboration between Bee-Em and Zag’ will debut this weekend

Vijay Pattni
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The shady, moody bit of photography you're squinting at above will miraculously transform into a properly real car this weekend. That's because BMW has informed us of a second collaboration with Zagato, set for a Pebble Beach unveil.

Second, you cry? Just a few months ago, BMW teamed up with the legendary Italian design house to produce the rather tasty little Zagato Coupe, revealed to the world via the banks of Lake Como. Now, by the looks of things, that Coupe has had its head chopped off.

The picture above looks, well, kind of like a convertible version of that car we saw in Italy earlier this year. And because BMW has been kind enough to withhold any information pertaining to this little gem, we can only go on its previous collaboration with Zagato.

That coupe featured an entirely hand-built body crafted out of aluminium sheet metal, which was then moulded flank by flank to create the ‘v-max' concept BMW desired; a car optimised for fast driving.

It's clear the Coup' is based on the BMW Z4, so we will assume the convertible version will be also. There's no word on the engine either, but taking another guess leads us to something 3.0-litre sized that produces, oh, say around 300 horses...

Elsewhere at the Pebble Beach Concours, BMW will also display the new BMW 7-Series to the U S of A for the first time, along with the Alpina B7 and all of its merry 540bhp, the 650i Gran Coupe, and of course, the M5 and M6, considering M turns 40 this year.

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BMW has also prepped a 1986 BMW-March GTP, the 1980 BMW M1 Procar as well as a 3.5 CSL to take part in the Motorsports Reunion. Like a bunch of pensioner prizefighters.

We'll bring you more from BMW and Zagato's new drop-top when it lands, so stay tuned for this, and a preview of RM Auctions' rather tasty line up headed for Monterey this weekend.

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