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05 November 2012

Bosch to focus on bike servicing

German giant plans top open over 200 service centres in the next two years.

Ashish Masih
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Here’s some good news for all you bikers out there. Bosch plans on opening up well over 200 servicing centres, all across India, in the next couple of years. The group had already opened ten such outlets in Coimbatore a couple of months back. These service centres will have the latest equipment to benefit bike users. Equipment will include a battery tester, nitrogen tyre inflators, spark plug testers, mileage tester as well as performance testers to check on the health of the bike.

The staff will be trained completely by Bosch on state-of-the art machinery. Bosch officials say that these service centres will be ideal for those owners whose bikes have run out of warranty. The pricing will remain competitive as compared to company owned outlets.

Bosch is also developing technologies that can be successfully put on commuter bikes. It has developed a feature called twist to start where a biker will just pull the throttle and the bike will start automatically. This is ideal for quick starts at signals and helps save fuel as well. Bosch’s internal results have shown a remarkable improvement over the usual kick-start stop. All in all, good stuff if you own a commuter bike.


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