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04 May 2011

Bruno Senna drives Spa one-handed

Video: Lotus-Renault driver wrestles his F1 car using one very deft palm…

Vijay Pattni
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Bruno Senna urges you all not to "use your phone and drive!!" He then promptly uses his phone and drives... an F1 car. One-handed. Quickly.

Keen to show all his YouTube fans exactly what sort of noise and speed and oh-my-god is involved during the driving of an F1 car, Mr Senna recorded a demo lap of Spa in Belgium for posterity, using his phone camera.

Marshalling his inner Max Power head, Senna also indulged in a spot of donuting.

On next week's show, Senna shows us how to pilot a Eurofighter jet gunning down recalcitrant rebels while cultivating a flock of albino wild turkeys. Probably.

Watch and weep, puny earth driver.



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