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26 September 2011

Can you watch this without flinching?

Video: yet another demonstration that bike racers are utterly mental

Matthew Jones
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This is pretty horrendous. Really. It's unpleasant to watch.

All seems to be bike-racing business as usual during the first 50 seconds of footage of the German competition, Deutschen Rundstrecken Challenge. Then there's a crash. And a lot more besides.

In his words: "I saw the dust (at about 200 km/h), lift the throttle. Avoid to hit the crashed driver. Thought to pass the rotating bike also on the left side, but then I realised that it came across the track (it was not flying on the line of the accelerating masses).

"Then braking - not too hard avoiding to be hit by following riders.... Afterwards - of course, full throttle. The race wasn't interrupted yet."

But the real question is: how the hell does he manage to sit on a motorcycle with such colossal manparts?



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