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22 October 2012

Chennai's "Team India" wins Red Bull Racing Can India finals

Team from down south to proceed to Brazil for the global finals in November

Amaan Ahmed
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The Red Bull Racing Can event is quite unique and at the same time, very interesting too as we found out at the Mumbai qualifying round earlier in September. Using radio-controlled chassis' with a Red Bull can shaped to look like a car's bodyshell placed atop them, these RC dinkies are pitted against each other on a proper RC track.

The national finals in Mumbai this past weekend saw Team India from Anna University, Chennai storm their way to victory, notching up the highest score in the competition which included not only the race result itself, but also points awarded on the basis of design. In second place were team Race Dynamics from Bangalore (whose car was designed to look like a Jaguar-Aston Martin derivative, turned out to be a hit with the crowd), and Mumbai winners Team Flying Pistons secured the 3rd spot.

The global finals will now take place in Brazil in the month of November and Team India, the winners of the national finals will represent the country there, competing against teams from 24 other nations.

Think the boys from the south can ace the world finals? Let us know, TopGear.commers.

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