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04 February 2014

Chevrolet 'Adra' concept to be shown at the Auto Expo

Yet another contender to join the compact SUV fray, this is Chevy's home-grown go-anywhere vehicle

Amaan Ahmed
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In more compact car news for today, Chevrolet has put out a teaser for its compact SUV concept, the Adra, before it is globally unveiled at the Delhi Auto Expo tomorrow.

Before you ask, no, it is not the Trax. The Trax is compact by SUV standards, but at 4,248mm in length, it's not quite as compact an SUV as we'd like to have in India.

There's not a lot Chevrolet has given us to chew on, but what it has told us is that the Adra is the brainchild of its Indian designers, and has been developed at General Motors' Technical Centre in India. Chevy says that this new concept will "adopt global Chevrolet design language (which we hope is Sonic global and not Sail U-VA global) and offers high ground clearance, exceptional all-round visibility, high seating stance and generous interior space".

There's a fat chance of this being based on one of GM's existing platforms in order to cut down on R&D costs. It shouldn't be too far away from turning into a production model, and we expect Chevrolet to tap into its box of locally-produced engines (which includes the 1.2-litre petrol and 1.3-litre Multijet diesel motors) for its new sub-four-metre SUV.

It will be showcased at the Expo tomorrow, so check back for more details.

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