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05 February 2014

Chevrolet reveals 'Adra' compact SUV concept

GM is taking its small SUV business seriously, and the Adra concept points towards a due-for-production compact SUV

Girish Karkera
Car image

At the ongoing Auto Expo, GM unveiled an all-new small SUV concept. Christened 'Adra', the concept previews GM's future small SUV that will be launched in select markets including India.

It's a handsome-looking concept with classic SUV proportions - a high waistline, relatively small cabin, strikingly big grille and sleek swept-back headlights. This is, of course, a five-seater, and comes with a funky yellow and black cabin.

The Adra concept sports a youthful design, and it looks like GM will be in a position to take quite a few design cues into production. Adra is a homegrown concept designed at GM's Indian technical centre in Bangalore, which makes it all the more interesting for us.

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