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22 May 2013

Chevrolet to hike prices across the range

Wanting to buy a Chevy? Don't wait until June, or you'll have to shell out more

Amaan Ahmed
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Have you been delaying your Chevrolet purchase? If yes, then it's time you brought out the chequebook and rushed to your nearest Chevy dealer because come June, Chevrolet will hike prices of all its cars, including the recently-launched Enjoy MPV. The hike in diesel prices is being quoted as the reason for the price hike. If we're talking percentages, the hike will see you pay about 1.5% more, depending on the variant you intend to buy.

At the announcement, P Balendran, Vice President, General Motors India said, "We have decided to increase the prices of all our vehicles upto Rs.10,000, depending upon the model with effect from the 1st week of June on account of increase in transportation costs/logistics due to hike in diesel price."

Just in case you need to make up your mind, click these blue words to read our review of the Chevrolet Enjoy.

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