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16 August 2011

Cleanest-ever LR Defender announced

Hammond will be pleased: new 2.2-litre diesel for 2012 Defender meets EU5 regs

Vijay Pattni
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Land Rover Defender Factoid 1: the LR Defender can trace its roots back to 1948.

Land Rover Defender Factoid 2: Since 2007, 25,000 LR Defenders have been sold worldwide.

Land Rover Defender Factoid 3: Richard Hammond loves ‘em.

And now here's some fresh new factoids for the 2012 model: Land Rover has replaced the old 2.4-litre oil burner with a new, cleaner and equally powerful 2.2-litre to meet with EU5 emissions regulations. The new unit still pumps out 120bhp and 265 torques, but does so - in euro markets - with a new diesel particulate filter. An improved combustion system and engine management system helps lower regulated emissions NOx, CO and HC.

Land Rover is also introducing two new option packs, the Comfort Pack and Off-Road Pack. Comfort gives you air-con, a CD player with auxiliary input, electric windows and central locking. Off-Road provides ABS, heavy duty rim and MTR tyre, tow ball and under-ride protection.


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