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22 August 2014

Could this be the next LaFerrari?

Student sketches out the ultimate Ferrari ‘F80’ hypercar. It’s not real. It needs to be
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Here's how the next Ferrari hypercar could look. In ImaginoWorld.

It's called the ‘F80' concept, it's been drawn by a chap named Adriano Raeli, and it's absolutely bonkers.

This flight of fancy - and it is pure fantasy, in no way official nor affiliated with Ferrari - positions itself as a twin-turbo V8 with KERS, positing a whopping 1200bhp, a 0-60mph time of just 2.2 seconds, and top speed of 310mph. Or a nice, round 500km/h. No word on whether it's fuelled by unicorn tears or features an audio system with an actual Jimi Hendrix on board, but hey, we can imagine too.

It has two seats set in a semi-tandem layout. It measures in at 4.7m long, 2.1m wide and 1m high. It weighs 800kg. It takes inspiration from LaFerrari itself, Formula One, Le Mans prototypes, and the NGAD Concept fighter jet. That's a jet from the future.

Handily, Adriano also tells us likely buyers would include people like Nick Mason. We think Nick Mason would appreciate this F80 concept's full polycarbonate windshield, and its exposed wishbones and suspension, and the gaping vents to improve rear airflow, and the F1 radiator side intakes, and the fact that it looks absolutely insane.

As mentioned, it's not real. It's not been commissioned by Ferrari, and it will never see the light of day. Unless, y'know, enough of you make enough noise to convince Ferrari otherwise...

Pictures via Adriano Raeli


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