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06 February 2014

Datsun redi-Go Concept breaks cover

Datsun puts a concept hatch-cum-SUV on display. Calls it the 'redi-Go'

Agasti Kaulgi
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Datsun believes in something called 'inventive-thinking', and the by-product of that inventive-thinking is a brand new concept that they teased a few days back. It's on display at the Datsun booth with the production-ready Go that we told you about just two days ago.

The redi-Go is a futuristic design which still has a very Datsun face to it. They say a potential crossover might be in the pipeline for India based on this concept. With a 2350mm wheelbase, the redi-Go isn't too cramped when it comes to space. Datsun claims that redi-Go with a raised body and large wheel arches will be able to cope better with bad roads. No more details are available as of now.

Datsun is just beginning its innings in India and we think it's a good start with the redi-Go concept and a fully-functional plant in Chennai.

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