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17 September 2013

Datsun reveals the Go+

As you can probably figure from its name, it's an MPV based on the Go hatchback, features a little extra bodywork and seven seats

Amaan Ahmed
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A couple of months after it revealed its comeback product, the Go hatchback, Datsun has now shown the second product in its line-up, and it is the Go+.

This new MPV is based on the hatchback, and shares the hatch's wheelbase, width, and even height. It is a little longer at 3995mm, which was needed to accommodate the third row of seats. Outside, the Go+ looks exactly like its smaller sibling, save for a bootlid-integrated numberplate housing and slightly tweaked tail-lamps.

On the inside, again, everything is identical to the hatchback - the dash, the steering, the dash-mounted gearstick, integrated headrests, the works. The major addition is that third row, which seems very low-set and very basic, lacking headrests even.

Datsun says the Go+ has been developed for Indonesia, but as its under-four-metre length and 1.2-litre petrol motor (mated to a five-speed manual, the same combo as the hatch) suggest, this is very much destined to come to our market soon.

Price whereabouts? Think Maruti Ertiga, and you'd be close. Do you like the idea of a slightly bigger Go, chaps?

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