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08 April 2013

Driving Test: Hannu Mikkola

The 1983 World Rally Champion gives us a synopsised version of his driving history
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Did you pass your driving test the first time? What was it like?
Yes. It was 1960, I was 18 years old. There was a guy asking questions, a few bends and every start was uphill, you know, with the handbrake.

Who taught you to drive?
Nobody really taught me, but when I was 12, my father used to let me drive his car from the driveway to the garage.

What car did you learn to drive in?
VW Beetle

What was the first car you bought?
VW Beetle!

What’s the worst car you’ve ever driven?
The Moskvitch 400, a Russian copy of the Opel Kadett.

What’s the best car you’ve bought?
An Audi Q5, supercharged 274bhp – it’s a great car.

What’s your dream car?

I haven’t got any, really. I’ve been driving dream cars all my life!  

Who and what caused your first crash?
Me! I was going sideways on a gravel road in my father’s car and couldn’t avoid an oncoming car. My father wasn’t very pleased.

Are you a good driver?
A better driver in traffic now, for sure!

What’s the worst thing a passenger can say to you when you’re driving?
“Look here, look there” – giving instructions... didn’t mind it as much when my navigators used to do it, though.

How clean is your licence?
Very clean. The last time I was caught was 10 years ago. For speeding, of course.

What’s the fastest you’ve ever driven?
Around 300kph in an Arrows F1 car at Donington Park.

What’s your favourite place to drive in the world?
The USA. Everything over there is built around cars. They live with their cars.

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