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15 March 2013

Driving Test: Sergi Arola

Who knew that Sergi Arola, Spanish chef at JW Marriott, Mumbai is also a bike enthusiast? We grill him for a change...

Kartik Ware
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Did you pass your driving test in your first attempt?
Yes. Back in 1988. Funny thing is, I went for the test without a licence, performed the test and went back home without a licence.

Who taught you to ride?
No one, actually. I learnt it by myself, riding friends’ bikes. It’s like riding a bicycle, but with an engine.

Which bike did you learn to ride on?
Vespa 125 Spring. It was common in Spain in the ’80s.

What was the first bike you bought?
A Vespa 200. Then a Lambretta and later a Montessa dirt bike.

What was the worst bike you’ve ever ridden?
Probably some Yamaha in Mali/Burkina Faso, can’t remember which one. Also, Japanese bikes are not cool, I don’t like them.

What’s the longest ride you’ve done?
Madrid-Paris on a Harley... around 2800km.

What’s the best bike you’ve ever bought?
Harley-Davidson Springer.

What’s your dream car?
As a racing driver, it’s always next year’s racing car, so for me, I’m really looking forward to Audi’s new Le Mans car for 2013.

What’s your dream bike?
Same as above. I love my Springer! Or else, a well-restored Norton Commando or BSA would do too...

Who and what caused your first crash?
Some guy rear-ended me at a traffic light. Thanks to the size of the bike, nothing happened. The bike protected me.

Are you a good rider?
Yes, absolutely. Very safe and lonely rider. I like to ride alone without distractions!

What’s the worst thing a pillion can say when you’re riding?
Like I said, I ride alone. If someone sits behind me, I make it clear I don’t want to hear a thing.

How clean is your licence?
Very clean.

What’s the fastest you’ve ever driven?
210-215kph on a Honda Fireblade.

Where’s your favourite place in the world to drive?
Portugal. It’s got amazing roads. France and Spain too.

Draw us a bike in two minutes...

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