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19 April 2013

Dubai has an Aventador and Ferrari FF police car

If you're a crim, now is not a good time to skip bail in Dubai...

Rowan Horncastle
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Crikey, it's the Emirati rozzers! And they've got a Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari FF police car!

Last week via Twitter, Dubai police announced that they'd added a Lamborghini Aventador to the fleet. This is obviously very, very cool and thanks to a 350kph top speed, would significantly help in high-speed pursuits.

But there is one small problem with an Aventador cop car. If there's more than one crim, getting them to the nick would be a bit of an issue as there's only two seats. So Dubai Police sat down, had a very important meeting and came up with a solution - a four seat, four-wheel-drive solution - a Ferrari FF.

Buying another super-expensive police car may seem extravagant. But Dubai is famous for its very, very harsh winters. So a capable, fast four-wheel drive was needed, and the FF fills that role perfectly.

There's not much more info, but the Italian Carabinieri with their Lotus Evora S now have competition for the coolest car police car, after Hammond's Vitara, obviously.

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