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05 February 2013

F1 track beckons you

Buddh International Circuit to be thrown open to the general public on February 17
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Going to Nurburgring to enjoy an open track day? Well, it could just be ‘so last season’ - Because now, we have our very own open track day in India - at none other than at the Buddh International Circuit. Experience the same view of the grandstands as World Champion Sebastien Vettel did as he stood on the grid at the Indian Grand Prix. Of course, from your own car.

Called the "BIC Time Trial", the Open Track Day will be held on February 17, and will welcome all types of cars and bikes. All you need to have is a valid driving licence, and enough money to pay for a driving session that can last for upto an hour, that is, if you don’t crash. Price per session starts from Rs 3,000 for bikes and Rs 4,000 for cars.

If you do opt for a full 3-session course (which will cost you Rs 12,000 in a four-wheeler, Rs 9,000 on two wheels), you will get a complimentary fourth session for no added cost. Also, if you do not intend to do any driving of your own, you could hitch a "taxi ride" along the circuit in a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (which will cost you Rs 7,500) or a Mercedes-Benz C, E, or ML-Class (for a lowly Rs 1,500).

All personal vehicles shall be assessed before being let out onto the track. A safety briefing will be organised by the BIC's driving instructors who will also hand out tips, if you need, on driving techniques.

You can register for the Open Track Day on BIC's official website.

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