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10 December 2011

Ferrari launches 599 GTB ‘60F1’

Special edition celebrates 60 years of winning in Formula One. For sure!

Vijay Pattni
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Ferrari has announced a new option for its 599 marking six decades of winning in Formula One. Henceforth, it is called the 599 GTB ‘60F1'.

Before you start polishing your thumbs in the style of your favourite Spaniard in celebration, it is merely a paint & trim special; the car sits on the 599 HGTE chassis meaning tougher and shorter springs and stiffer anti-roll bars. Pointy.

You get the choice of three livery options, one based on Froilan Gonzalez's 375 F1 car from 1951 (Ferrari's first ever F1 victory), and two based on Fernando Alonso's 2011 150 Italia (who managed a top spot finish earlier this year).

All three get 20in diamond-finished forged alloy wheels, a satin-finish fuel filler cap and scuderia shields painted on the front wings. Inside, Europeans get Sabelt bucket seats (our ‘Merican cousins get Recaros), and all come with lots of Alcantara, a metallic fibreglass called Alutex, a grippy seat material to keep you glued in and a silver plaque with Gonzalez and Alonso's signatures.

The GTB 60F1 comes at the same time as Ferrari's tailor-made programme announced earlier this week. Ferrari says it continues a long-standing tradition dating back to the ‘50s and ‘60s when clients could personalise their cars to their every whim. You get the option of choosing from three collections - Scuderia, Classica and Inedita - incorporating a wide range of materials that include rubberised leather, Alcantara, Kevlar, matte-metals, chromed elements, denim, suit fabrics... you get the picture. Watch out, world.

But there is a larger question looming - are we seeing the last throw of the dice for the venerable 599?

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