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12 January 2013

Ferrari Racing Days hit UAE

Is India around the corner?

Sriram Narayanan
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The things you can do if you are Ferrari.

They are the sort of company that can manage to make track-specific research cars, get clients to buy them, and manage to keep the cars at the company premises, allowing paying clients to race them whenever they like. For instance, you buy an XX car, you can’t take it home with you. But your baby will remain with Ferrari serving as their test hotbed and you can participate in Ferrari’s numerous Racing Days (FRD) held by Maranello’s Corse Clienti department all around the world, where you can indulge yourself in a non-competitive race with other amateurs in their own Ferraris.

Come March 2013, and FRD will hit the Yas Marina circuit in UAE. And the track will see luminaries like the 458 Challenge Trofeo, the 599XX and the FXX making a sweet racket as they lap the circuit. The 458 is a slightly tuned track-friendly version of the road-going 458.

The 599XX is based on the 599 road car. It makes 720bhp in lieu of the standard 599’s 620bhp (its successor, the F12 makes 730). But the weight reduction and aerodynamic modifications in the 599XX see it hit 100kph in just 2.9 seconds. Even the latest more powerful F12 needs 3.1 seconds. And the FXX is based on the ultra rare Enzo. With the even hotter FXX Evoluzione making 850bhp in a body weighing just over a tonne.

With the FRD practically all over the in the North Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and now the Middle East, it is only a matter of time before these track-only monsters hit the Buddh International Circuit.

Excited by the possibility, TopGearers?

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