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26 December 2012

Ferrari reveals more about the Enzo's successor

Maranello's finest to carry a higher-strung version of the F12 Berlinetta's V12. And a special interior...

Amaan Ahmed
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A decade has passed since the Ferrari Enzo's birth. As soon as it was announced, the limited run of 399 units was sold out before it even entered production. That was the kind of impact the Enzo had on people, and it became a legend even before turning a wheel in anger.

There have been many tantalising Ferraris since (the 458 Italia, 599 GTB, FF and the F12 Berlinetta), but the wait for the real flagship has been excruciating. It still isn't here, but Ferrari has finally let out some details along with a teaser of the nose.

Ferrari, in its official magazine, has mentioned that the Enzo's successor will be powered by an even crazier version of the F12 Berlinetta's 6.3-litre V12 engine, and that will be mated to the latest iteration of HY-KERS (Ferrari's very own hybrid system) and a dual-clutch 'box.

Which only means one thing - even more power. The F12's V12 in its current state of tune generates a not-so-insignificant 730bhp, and that figure might flare up to 800bhp for the Enzo's successor, to go along with the HY-KERS' 100bhp. So, all in all, expect the car to boast of over 900bhp. This will also help cut down the 0-200kph time, reduce emissions by 40% and aid torque vectoring and braking. Slick.

It's not all about power though. Ferrari has poured in all of its Formula One techno-wizardry into this "Special Limited Series" project. Rory Byrne, the F1 team's design head has helped develop the multi-composite chassis, the primary focus of which was to be identical in dimensions to that of the 458. The chassis will be cured in an autoclave, F1 monocoque-style. The batteries and the fuel tank too will be placed right behind the driver, like in an F1 car. The autoclaving and use of multiple carbonfibre composites help contribute to the Enzo successor's comparatively low weight and higher torsional rigidity.

Customisation within the cabin will be unlike anything seen before on most road-going cars. The driver's seat will be made-to-measure for each customer and then placed in a fixed position in the cabin. Adjustments will be limited to the steering wheel and the pedal box, and the driving position is expected to be "extremely racy".

Sorry? The price, you say? Well, it goes without saying that it will be eye-wateringly expensive, and production, much like the Enzo, will be restricted to a certain number of units.

What should it be called though? F150? F70? Axe-murderer? Drop your suggestions in the comments section, TopGearers.

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