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27 May 2011

Ferrari dealership, now in India

The most desired supercars in the world are here. It's ok to cry a little.

Gagan Gupta
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If you're going across Janpat road in New Delhi and see a 458 Italia parked outside; you've probably just passed the first Ferrari dealership in India.

The Shreyans group have made the presence of Ferrari in the Indian market official by opening India's first Ferrari dealership on 21A Janpat road in New Delhi. The great part is, they have their entire international catalogue available to Indian buyers. The range includes the V8 cars namely the 458 Italia and the California as well as the V12 lineup - the 599 GTB Fiorano and the new FF.

The showroom is clearly marked by the prancing horse logo, so it would be a little hard to miss when you're passing by. If you're interested in picking one up, the range in India starts from Rs. 2.22 crores for the California. Opinions, Topgear.commers?


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