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05 February 2014

Fiat brings three new cars to the Expo

Fiat shows the updated Linea and a concept vehicle. And introduces Abarth brand in India

Agasti Kaulgi
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You were expecting Fiat-Chrysler to unveil the Jeep this Auto Expo, right? To be honest, so were we. But it hasn't happened. Instead, they have not one, not two but three things to talk about this Expo.

First up, the new Linea. Well, it's not all-new. It's a mid-life makeover. Something that was long overdue. And it has finally happened. So what's new in the new Linea, you ask? Here goes, the grille has been worked on as well as the front bumper. Apart from that, there a few minor tweaks that you might miss unless you have a very keen eye. The price, the variants and other things are still to be revealed. And you'll have to wait for the official launch to know all of that.

There's more news from Fiat. And it's good news. It finally introduces the Abarth brand in India. And what that exactly means is that, you'll be able to buy a 500 that has 160 Italian horses under it's hood. And that many for that small a car, is a lot!

Following the trend of many other manufacturers since today morning in Delhi, Fiat has unveiled a concept. And that concept is called the Fiat Avventura. It aims to be a sporty yet rugged hatch. The sportiness shows with its body skirts, roof rails and the ruggedness... yes, with the bootlid-mounted spare wheel. The other design similarities of it to the Punto might just be coincidental. And we might not be very serious about that last sentence.

To top that, Fiat says it'll hit Indian roads soon. We don't exactly know how soon is soon in Fiat lingo. But we know it's coming. Is that enough to compensate for the absence of Jeep? Not really. But we're happy it's coming anyway.

Tell us if you miss Jeep at the expo and what you think of the Avventura and the Abarth 500 in your comments below.

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