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22 September 2012

Fiat unveils Punto and Linea 'Absolute' Edition

Limited-run models to get an exclusive accessory pack at no extra cost

Amaan Ahmed
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It's that time of the year again. The festivities have only just begun, and manufacturers intend to make the most of it. With a slew of introductions in the last one week and plenty more to come, it is clear that the festive season has also brought along a raft of offers that customers just can't turn down. Fiat, it seems, has decided to make its offerings that little bit sweeter with the introduction of the Punto and Linea 'Absolute' Edition, endowed with exclusive accessory packs.

What all does the 'Absolute' Edition carry, you ask? Not a lot of changes on the outside, for starters. As far as visual updates go, contoured splash guards, Linea and Punto-branded door sills, carpets (grey for the Punto, beige for the Linea), a helping of chrome on the bootlid (exclusive to the Linea) and 'Absolute' exterior branding are the only unique points.

The more noticeable additions are on the inside. The Absolute Edition Punto comes with the Car Pad - a touchscreen satnav system built in a 3G tablet - armed with a 1GHz processor and Android 2.3. It offers house-level 3D maps, and also works as a phone, equipped with multimedia applications and Bluetooth. In addition to the features available on the Punto Absolute, the Linea Absolute also features reverse parking sensors.

Fiat is also offering Free Roadside Assistance (RSA) and discounted insurance rates via Future Generali on the Punto and Linea Absolute Edition. Coupled with the exchange bonus, the deal works out to a significant Rs 69,000 benefit on the Punto and an even better Rs 78,000 for the Linea. The best bit by far though is that the Absolute Edition costs no more than the usual Punto and Linea variants.

Your turn, TopGear.commers. Do you think that the Absolute Editions are absolutely must-buy, this Diwali? Speak up in the comments below.

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