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10 August 2012

First Drive: Nissan Evalia

Sriram gets a hands-on with Nissan's latest people mover...

Sriram Narayanan
Car image

You will need a big leap of faith before you get inside the Evalia. Its lines and proportions are challenging. And for us, in TopGear, it looks like a car we would love to hate. And it was so till we drove it. In a line, its on-road dynamics are way better than what those looks promise.

It rides well, handles decently for a vehicle that is inherently so tall and narrow. So, its dynamics are better than the Xylo's, for example. Yet, it doesn't match the Mahindra on passenger space. The last row of seats is cramped and middle row is comfortable with two, rather than three abreast.

Official prices will be announced at the launch, which is end of September, but expect it to match the Xylo. The Evalia isn't pretty to look at but comes with decent dynamics for an MPV, good lot of features and it doesn't wobble in a crosswind.

Question is, will it also attract those looking at India's most-affordable MPV, the Maruti Ertiga? If Nissan can price it close enough, we think it would. We'll have the full review for you in the upcoming September issue of TopGear India Magazine.

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