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13 July 2018

First look: all-electric Mini

The first-ever electric-powered Mini will be unveiled at the ongoing Goodwood FoS

Alpesh Rajpurohit
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Ladies and gentlemen, this is what the first all-electric Mini will look like. The British carmaker has released the images of its upcoming all-electric car and it will be unveiled at the ongoing Goodwood Festival of Speed. Like what you see? Here’s more.

The e-Mini, no, it’s not called that, is not just a concept vehicle that will end up in the yearbook; the British carmaker will start producing this in the near future. “These initial sketches for the fully electrified Mini outline our vision of authentic design creating a bridge between the history of the brand and its electric future.” says Oliver Heilmer, head of Mini design.

Mini had first announced its intention of making an electric car in 2017 and now, the carmaker has announced that the first batch of battery-powered Mini will roll out of the production line early next year. At first, the production will begin at BMW’s Bavaria manufacturing facility, but then the production will be shifted to Mini’s Oxford plant.

Currently, Mini has only one Hybrid vehicle in its lineup – the Mini Cooper S E Countryman ALL4. Follow us on our social media platforms for live coverage of the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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