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18 July 2014

First look at the new Skoda Fabia

Design sketch released that shows promise of the new Skoda supermini. Won’t be a VRS though

Vijay Pattni
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This is the new Skoda Fabia. It's a design render, but an official one, and therefore one that points to something that will actually appear in real life.

It's the first sketch that makes good on Skoda's promise that the next series of new cars - new Fabia, new Superb - will pinch design elements from that rather delightful VisionC concept we saw at Geneva earlier this year.

We're also told Skoda's Motorsport division has similarly provided inspiration for the new supermini, and, if this sketch is representative, then it's a clean, smart, sharp design. Looks good.

Dimensions wise, the new Fabia will sit nine centimetres wider and three centimetres lower than currently - it's wider and squatter, then - with a "completely new versatile interior with individual options for customization".

What won't appear in real life however, is a range-topping Fabia vRS.

Though the UK was one of the biggest consumers for the Fabia vRS, nobody else really bought it. Skoda CEO Dr Vahland told last year that people like the look of the vRS Fabia, but not the running cost. "With the Octavia vRS," Dr Vahland said, "we made around an eight per cent penetration into the market. With the Fabia vRS, it was less than one per cent".

Focus then, will always remain on the Octavia as the ‘ideal car to be spiced up with a VRS version'.

You can however, expect to see a similar range of engines as on offer now, though we'll have more details for you as we get them. Stay tuned...

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