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29 July 2011

First pic: new Twingo preview

Renault’s miniature city car hoves into view

Matthew Jones
Car image

One photo. That's all your getting. And it's of the pleasingly re-styled Renault Twingo supermini, which lands on the launch pad at the Frankfurt motor show in September.

It's the first production Renault to abide by the new design regime that'll eventually find its way onto the rest of the range. And if you look at how it differs from the current model, you'll have a decent grasp of the sort of treatment the other cars will get.

There are svelte new bumpers, sharper creases around the headlights, a larger Renault badge on the front and the rear light cluster crawl further up the rear end. As it were. Which we think conspires to quite a pretty little thing.

More good news - there'll be a Renaultsport version, which gets a 1.6-litre petrol. There's also the a 1.2 TCe engine, as found in the old car.


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