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29 September 2011

First pic: Skoda Citigo

The Czech Up lunges into view. Looks rather like a Volkswagen Up. ’Cos it kind of is

Matthew Jones
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It's the Czech company's sixth model line and hits forecourts in summer 2012. And it reminds us of something. Something German. Something with an exclamation mark.

Inside, the four-seater's chair arrangements remind us of something small and Volkswagenesque. So do its dimensions - it's a 3560mm long with virtually no bodywork protruding beyond the wheels. It's also very narrow - 1650mm wide - and quite short - 1480mm.

These numbers are curiously familiar.

It also has a 2420mm wheelbase and can fit 251 litres of, umm, litreage in the boot. Which also reminds us of something.

Engine wise, a pair of 999cc three-pot petrols are available at launch. There's a 160kph, 59bhp 1.0-litre petrol that produces 26.7kpl and another 74bhp, 70lb ft effort that gets the Citigo to 106mph and produces 108g/km CO2.

We'd be willing to bet that, right now, you're desperate to discover the Skoda's DRAG COEFFICIENT AND KERB WEIGHT! Guess what? Curiously, they're the same as a Volkswagen Up's (0.33 and 929kg).

Although the outline has strong wafts of another new, small city car, it's distinguished by Skodary headlights (which ape the manufacturer's new design language, as seen on the Concept D on display at the 2011 Geneva motor show). And you get a photograph and handbag holder.

How are we feeling about this car, TopGear.commers?

UPDATE: the Citigo's based on the Volkswagen Up. Which, as you'll remember, we rather like.


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