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02 November 2011

First pic: the Subaru BRZ STI concept

New hot concept will debut at LA Motor Show in two weeks. And it’s looking good…

Ollie Marraige
Car image

This, we think you'll agree, is more like it. Chiefly because it's got a wing and blue paint. Yep, Subaru has done the decent thing and stolen Toyota's thunder by announcing it will show a ‘Concept - STI' version of the forthcoming BRZ at the Los Angeles show in two weeks time.

Naturally, what with this being a ‘concept' and all, there are no details, but this surely means that once the standard BRZ appears next summer, it will be quickly pursued by a hot version with a turbocharged version of the flat four. So let's guess that it'll have at least 300bhp for the rear wheels to cope with.

This is clearly a very exciting prospect. The unveiling of the production version of the Subaru BRZ happens at the Tokyo show at the start of December, but this is now the one we're hankering for. Ideally with gold wheels too, please Subaru.

What say you now internet? This or the Toyota FT-86?


UPDATE: We have more pics right here

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