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23 June 2011

Force One SUV coming soon

Skimpy details revealed along with tentative pricing...

Abhinav Mishra
Car image

Force Motors, known mainly for its utility vehicles, is entering the Indian market with an SUV this year. The SUV will be called the Force One, and Force motor unveiled its brand logo for this passenger division SUV.

Coming to the SUV itself, the vehicle will be unveiled in a few weeks time, though Force has shown us a teaser image of the Force on it has disclosed full specifications of the vehicle. Force One will come with a 2.2 litre common-rail engine that will be licensed from Damiler’s Mercedes Benz division. This motor will come with a power rating of 140bhp and 350nm of torque. The company plans to price the vehicle between Rs 11-15 lakh range when it will be launched shortly.

Force Motors has a modest target of selling four thousand units for 2011 and eight to nine thousand units by 2012. They didn't really show us a conclusive image of what the SUV will look like, but you can enjoy the teaser pic above till then.


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