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05 February 2014

Ford brings the Fiesta facelift to the Auto Expo

It's the refreshed Fiesta with the Aston Martin-ish grille

Agasti Kaulgi
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Apart from showing the Figo Concept at the Auto Expo, Ford also shows us the new Fiesta. It's again an unveil. The new Fiesta is more of an update than an all-new car, which puts it in sync with the global Fiesta. The new Fiesta, claims Ford, will solidify its position in the Indian mid-size sedan segment, once it hits our shores.

On the update, the designers have worked on refining the exterior while retaining its overall character. The front is completely redesigned, with a new trapezoidal grille and new redesigned headlamps. Which, by the way, are called 'laser-cut headlamps'. The rear too is redesigned. The interior isn't messed with compared to the current model. Though, it now boasts of a new seat design and upholstery.

This one too, like the EcoSport, will come with Ford's signature SYNC hands-free Bluetooth system.

Expect the new Fiesta to be launched later this year. We hope Ford gets the pricing right on the Fiesta at least this time.

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