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11 October 2013

Ford builds 605bhp Mustang for SEMA

‘Stang gets supercharged and bright yellow paintwork for upcoming tuner show

Vijay Pattni
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You can have your Ford Mustang any colour you want as long as it's not yellow. ‘Gotta Have It Green'? No problem. ‘Grabber Blue'? You got it. ‘Solar Retinopathy Yellow'? Not yet, until now.

Conscious that Ford's multi-generational icon lacks an eye-scorching hue, social media manager for AirPower Group Brian Ellis decided to deck one out in bright yellow for the upcoming SEMA tuner show. "We wanted to create something really eye-popping with a mechanical package to match the appearance," he said.

Ah yes, mechanical package. The standard Ford Mustang GT comes with a 5-litre V8 and 420 horses. This yellow one gets a Vortech V-3 Si supercharger to boost power up to a rather more healthy 605bhp and a whopping 641Nm of torque. That's with 7.5 psi of boost.

Not only that, the car is equipped with a Webasto custom electronic sunroof, a custom powder-coated Maximum Motorsports ‘Road & Track' suspension pack and six-piston calipers on big brakes all round, with 20in forged three-piece wheels wrapped in Falkens.

If you're at SEMA this year, may we suggest you book an appointment with your optometrist?

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