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06 May 2013

Ford EcoSport pre-drive

Sriram Narayanan is in Goa where the Ford EcoSport is being shown. The drive is 24 hours away, but we have some fresh information...

Sriram Narayanan
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Finally, it's time for the officially official Ford EcoSport drive. But that's happening tomorrow. Right now, we're live at the Ford event where we're getting some first impressions and little snippets of information to keep you giggly till we give you a real drive report of the lightest member of the Ford B platform.

The EcoSport comes with nine beverage holders in the car, and the glove box can keep six beverage cans cool. It will come with features like SYNC, in partnership with Microsoft, that integrates your phone with the car and lets you access your phonecalls, SMS and the media through voice commands.

The car comes with hill launch assist that helps you drive smoothly up or downhill with a three second hold function. If you are in a crash, the Emergency Assistance feature automatically connects your phone to the emergency number 108 with no third party call centre. The car provides latitude and longitude of the location and then opens the line for you to talk to 108. Emergency Assistance subscription is free with the life of the vehicle.

With the rear seats folded you get 705 litres of space, which Ford says "can accommodate a washing machine". It also has 200mm of ground clearance, which should suffice for most Indian roads.

The good news is that since all the EcoSport engines are under 1.5 litre and the car is under 4 metres, it wont be affected by the SUV excise announced in the last budget. We'll have the full drive for you tomorrow, but if you need more information like engine specs, and how high it will boost your chick-magnet factor*, you would want to click here right now.

*we don't have that information.

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