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15 March 2013

Ford Ecosport to be available within first half of June 2013

Ford confirms three versions and four variants along with a customer experience drive

Sriram Narayanan
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Ford has just announced a customer experience drive, dubbed Ecosport Urban Discoveries, for the upcoming Ecosport which will be spread through the month of May. In this, about 100 people will be selected by a jury on the basis of votes and content uploaded on

Part of Ford's pre-launch activity tagged the EcoSport Urban Hub, it will also involve Ford showing the final production car in select locations across 12 cities in India. Mr Sriram Padmanabhan, Vice President, Marketing, Ford India did not narrow down on the launch date, but made it clear that bookings would commence after the consumer experience drive in May 2013, pegging the date to around the first two weeks of June this year.

He also confirmed that the car will be launched with four variants and three engine options. Two of them are the 1.5-litre diesel and petrol doing duty in the current Fiesta (new, not Classic) sedan. And there will be the new 1-litre Ecoboost turbocharged petrol that develops about 122bhp. All engines will be mated to a five-speed manual gearbox. Only the 1.5 petrol will have the option of an automatic.

While the Ecosport has a ground clearance of 200mm, it is under four-metre in length and has engines within 1.5-litres. So the car may be spared of the SUV tax proposed in the latest budget. However, Mr Padmanabhan confirmed that Ford is still studying the finer aspects of the budget closely to confirm if the tax will apply or not. Till then, if you want to try out your luck and be part of the 100 people to experience the car in May, check out the Ecosport site mentioned above.

According to top Ford management, the company is in the final process of getting its pricing right. And the Urban Discoveries consumer program is a part of this. What do you think should be the ideal price for this, TopGearers?


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