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04 November 2014

Ford teases next-gen Endeavour

The Big Oval lets out a teaser of the all-new Endy, which will look like a lot like the Everest concept

Amaan Ahmed
Car image

Ford India has just shared this little teaser of a new product which, it says, "will take your breath away" on its Twitter account. Quite clearly, this is the all-new Endeavour, which Ford previewed a year ago with the Everest concept.

The designed-in-Australia Everest concept previews the styling direction for the next-generation Endeavour. This concept has now developed into a global production model, much like the new Fiesta and the EcoSport, and it will be revealed on November 14.

Ford says that the new Everest will set a new benchmark among SUVs and be a toughie off-road. What they probably meant is more car-like dynamics (a monocoque, or sticking with a body-on-frame chassis?), a new gearbox, a better ride and specs that should ensure the new Everest/Endy takes the bull (read: Toyota Fortuner) by the horns.

We will report back on further developments. Stay tuned.

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