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03 October 2013

G-Power gives M3 Coupe 600bhp

30th anniversary of G-Power’s tuning services bids powerful goodbye to M3 Coupe

Vijay Pattni
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The BMW M3 Coupe is no more, soon to be replaced by the upcoming M4 Coupe, and thus, what better way to bid it a proper farewell than strapping a ruddy great supercharger up front and cranking it to 11?

Meet the ‘GP Edition 30 Years' BMW M3 Coupe, as fettled by those fine purveyors of subtlety and modesty - no wait, that's not right. It's been given the once over by G-Power; the same G-Power that once modified an M5 to become the fastest road legal saloon... in the world.

They've got a bit of an infatuation with BMWs, and have decided to celebrate their 30 years in business of making BMWs go extraordinarily quickly, by making a BMW M3 Coupe go, err, extraordinarily quickly. That 4.0-litre 414bhp naturally aspirated V8 gets the company's race-proven supercharger system, available in 500bhp, 570bhp and 600bhp tune.

Testing has been completed at the Nardo high speed circuit, with over 4,000km of driving done in one weekend and a top speed of 333kph achieved. We're told the supercharger mounting plate and air ducting are made from lightweight aluminium, while all the actual supercharger parts are laser cut from non-corroding materials.

All in, we're told the acceleration "is akin to being fired from a catapult", with "outstanding torque in the middle of the rev range" and an extremely sporty throttle response. No word on 0-100kph, but expect it to be fiery (the standard BMW M3 Coupe did it in 4.6 seconds with the auto ‘box).

Just 30 supercharger kits are being made available - and 10 are reported to have been sold already. Wonder what they'll do to the M4 Coupe's 430bhp twin-turbo straight-six when it arrives next year...

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