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29 November 2012

Ghosh emerges victorious at the Coffee Day Rally

Storms to the finish line with co-driver Ashwin Naik in the 2000cc class at Chikmagalur
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First off, if you're wondering what the Coffee Day Rally is, it is a rally sponsored by Cafe Coffee Day and organised by the Chikmagalur Motorsports Club. And in a rather dramatic finish to this year's rally, Amittrajit Ghosh along with co-driver Ashwin Naik triumphed in the INRC 2000cc class after race leaders Karna Kadur with co-driver Sommonita Ghosh faced a penalty of 40 seconds for a delayed start, thus gifting the victory to Ghosh and Naik.

Meanwhile, in the 1600cc class, Raghunandan and Suraj K finished in first place, on a day which witnessed as many as 15 out of 43 cars drop out of the race.

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